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To partner our customers to achieve optimum plant reliability through the application of knowledge and technologies which deliver the highest level of service and results.

BSC Engineering Services provide a range of services designed to assist you to achieve optimum plant reliability. This can be through a complete reliability program using a variety of technologies and services such as condition monitoring, engineering consultancy, plant audits, root cause analysis, and corrective services. By utilizing our services, either as one-off services, or as complete programs,

BSC Engineering Services will work in conjunction with your engineering and maintenance teams to achieve agreed results that deliver improved plant reliability and productivity whilst reducing maintenance and capital costs.

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29 Jan 2017


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30 Jan 2017

Blue Brute Brochure.pdf

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29 Jan 2017

BSC Chain Brochure.pdf

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23 Jan 2017

BSC Transmission Bearings & Housings Catalogue.pdf

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29 Jan 2017


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29 Jan 2017


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29 Jan 2017


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29 Jan 2017


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29 Jan 2017


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