PT Industrial comprises two business units; HFTE - High Force Hydraulics Tools & Equipment and FPP - Fluid Power Products. These businesses provide hydraulic solutions to Australia’s Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and to the Industrial, Mining and construction Markets through a nationwide network of Distributors.
Stock to meet & exceed customer needs.
Nationwide customer support through technically qualified & experienced product & sales staff.
Strategic partnerships and agreements with more than one hundred distributors & OEM’s nationally.
Provision of in-house customer safety seminars for the safe & efficient use of high pressure hydraulic tools and authorised service centre training for Power Team high force tools & equipment.

HFTE - Specialises in portable high pressure, high performance tools and equipment for applications in Construction, Transport, Infrastructure, Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas and Power Generation Industries requiring lifting, pulling, pushing, tensioning, rigging and in-plant maintenance.

FPP - Specialises in providing quality hydraulic and pneumatic fluid handling and monitoring equipment including pumps, motors, valves and filtration plus a modular range of AC/DC Power Units for low flow mobile and material handling applications and our ATO (Assemble To Order) power packs built to customer
specifications for higher flow Industrial applications.

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13 Oct 2017

Compact Piston Air Motors_By BSC.pdf

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