Founded in 1917, Sutton Tools began as a family enterprise, manufacturing threads and gauges, and over time has expanded its expertise into a broader portfolio of cutting tools. Today, Sutton Tools remains an Australian family business that is renowned for its high-quality power tool accessories and cutting tools for the hardware market and a wide range of specialised industrial applications.
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18 Sep 2017

Brushware Catalogue_By BSC.pdf

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18 Sep 2017

Drills Catalogue_By BSC.pdf

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18 Sep 2017

Miscellaneous Catalogue_By BSC.pdf

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7 Nov 2017

Phoenix Flyer_Online Use.pdf

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Quick Bits Catalogue_By BSC.pdf

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Recoil Catalogue_By BSC.pdf

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18 Sep 2017

Recoil Technical Catalogue 2015_By BSC.pdf

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Saw Blades Catalogue_By BSC.pdf

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18 Sep 2017

Screwdrivers Catalogue_By BSC.pdf

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Threading Catalogue_By BSC.pdf