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Stock Feed Plant

10 May, 2016

Total Cost Savings $5,500 per individual auger.


Premature failure of the roller chain drive on the auger was causing ongoing downtime losses every 4 months. Time was also being lost in having to lubricate the chain drive. This was not a regular program and the inevitable failure of the drive caused loss of production and unplanned downtime to replace the chain. The augers were difficult to access and operated in a hot, dry and dusty environment. 


BSC’s objective was to design a drive that would extend life from the existing 4 months to a minimum 12 months. BSC recommended the new Panther Ultra Cord and completed a drive design for this application, the Dayware selection offered a drive that would meet all space requirements and provided an adequate service factor for the application 


Total Cost Savings $5,500 per individual auger. 
In most harsh environments Panther Ultra Cord belts last many times longer than conventional chain. The new drive was installed and has been a success. The customer estimates he will obtain 6 times the life from Panther Ultra Cord over the chain Extended Life = 20 months….and still going! 

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