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Name: Inox  

Head office location: Loganholme, QLD, Australia  


Over the past  27 years, BSC Australia has maintained an enriching partnership with INOX. As one of Australia’s biggest manufacturers of lubricants, INOX products fulfil a range of functions, including: 

  • domestic duties 
  • large scale mining  
  • transport repairs  
  • automotive maintenance  
  • food and beverage functionality. 


Providing lubricants across all major industrial, electrical, mining, and marine outlets, Candan Industries are a global brand. They export product to 25 countries, including:  

  • United States of America  
  • Canada  
  • France  
  • South America 
  • New Zealand 
  • Indonesia 
  • Malaysia.  


The INOX range of lubricants was first released into the Australian market in 1989, with the original INOX MX3 lubricant. As a testament to their thorough business practice, the original MX3 product was in development stages for two years before being released for testing. INOX products undergo rigorous testing before entering the market. Their dedication to upholding excellent quality in everything they do is one of the reasons we proudly supply their products.  


The INOX products BSC currently stock include: 

    • MX-4G 
    • MX-8 extreme pressure grease 
    • MX-7 
    • MX-12 
    • MX-9 
    • applicators 
    • spray bottles 
    • MX-3 penetrating lubricant 
    • MX-3FG 
    • MX-4 lanolin lubricant 
    • MX-5. 


INOX are engaged in climate action
Operating in an environmentally conscious manner is very important to INOX. They are acutely aware of the need to conduct business in a way which supports the conservation of the environment. As a part of their sustainability goals, they are a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC). This agreement between companies in the supply chain and all levels of government ensures a commitment to reducing the environmental impacts of packaging. As a member of the APC, INOX  predominantly use biodegradable packaging, while developing strategies to reduce their carbon footprint.   


BSC and INOX – a perfect fit
BSC Australia and INOX align in their aim to enhance Australian industry. BSC proudly supports INOX’s process of sourcing locally made ingredients, materials, and packaging. We also know INOX are committed to delivering the best products to their loyal customers at competitive rates. Our objective to continually give back to Australia is the foundation of why we work so well together.   


BSC Australia and INOX – serving you in the real world
BSC Australia and INOX passionately deploy their technical expertise in enriching people’s quality of life. The proof of our commitment to excellence is in our extremely high rate of customer retention. Our customers know they can rely on us for effective solutions and quality customer care.  


Contact us for all your INOX product needs. We are excited to fulfil all requests for INOX-branded products. 

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