Adhesives & Epoxy

Adhesive is a general term used to describe any substance capable of holding material together. There are a myriad of different applications for adhesives across all industries, not only for bonding surfaces, but also for waterproofing, corrosion prevention, oxidation prevention, sealing pipes and protecting surfaces. Epoxies are a group of chemical compounds with very high shear strength, that results from the reaction between the epoxy resin and a curing agent (or hardener). Epoxies are used extensively across the construction industry, as well as in manufacturing and mechanical engineering applications. At BSC, we stock Australia’s largest range of adhesives, epoxies and adhesive application systems from leading brands including Loctite, Devcon, Sika, Marlin, Permatex, Hylomar, and more. Whether you are looking for spray adhesives, super glue, low-odour or instant curing adhesives, or adhesive applicator nozzles, dispenser guns or cartridges, you can find the highest quality products at BSC branches. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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