Gulf Western Oil

Supplier Profile 

Name: Gulf Western Oil  

Head office location: St Marys, New South Wales, Australia 

Revenue: $5 million 

Employees: 27 


Since 2009, BSC Australia has been partnering with Gulf Western Oil. We work together to ensure Australians receive high-quality oils and lubricants. 


Founded in 1988, Gulf Western Oil is an internationally renowned company. It is the largest Australian-owned manufacturer of lubricants. With decades of experience in the oil industry, Gulf Western Oil perfected its craft and quickly became a leader in the field. Gulf Western Oil is known for its commitment to quality and innovative technology. They use only the highest quality virgin base oils and the most technologically advanced API approved additive systems to formulate their products.  


Gulf Western Oil is an established and successful brand within the oil industry. They possess two million litres of base oil, blended oil storage capacity and the facilities to manufacture 60,000,000 litres per annum.  


At BSC Australia, we take pride in the fact that we work with the best quality suppliers. Our customers are able to find Gulf Western Oil products in our local warehouses and at our BSC Australia branches. If our customers are looking for a particular Gulf Western Oil product that is not stocked locally, we’ll source it for you from interstate or overseas. 


BSC distributes an extensive range of Gulf Western Oil products, such as: 


Australia depends on Gulf Western Oil to keep it running
Here, at BSC Australia, we’re proud of our Australian heritage and we continually strive to improve the productivity of Australian workers. Gulf Western Oil shares the same values as us. This company was founded on the belief that there needed to be oil designed specifically for the Australian market. Our customers know that Gulf Western Oil products are catered towards the specific needs of Australian professionals. 


BSC Australia and Gulf Western Oil – quality first 
The team at Gulf Western Oil are committed to providing high-quality products. Gulf Western Oil has some of the highest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approvals in today’s market and is ISO 9001 quality endorsed. This ensures that BSC Australia customers know they are purchasing products that are world-class, safe and dependable.   


BSC Australia and Gulf Western Oil – using state of the art technology 
Together, BSC Australia and Gulf Western Oil are committed to innovation. We seek to continually improve our processes and products because we want our customers to be ahead of the game. For this reason, Gulf Western Oil always uses modern, innovative and reliable equipment when developing its products. They also employ a highly qualified and experienced team that ensures the smooth running of the technical, management and production areas of their business.  


Gulf Western Oil is also committed to safety. They operate in a self-contained facility in Sydney’s West that exceeds industry standards. The facility was also designed in consultation with, and successfully licensed by, the New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). BSC Australia is proud to support a company that is conscious of the environment and sustainability.  


Our customers love dealing with us, and they love purchasing Gulf Western Oil products from us. Contact us today for all your Gulf Western Oil product needs.   

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