Viva Energy Australia

Supplier Profile  

Name: Viva Energy Australia 

Head office location: Docklands, VIC, Australia 

Revenue: Over USD $3 billion 

Employees: Over 1,000 


Here, at BSC Australia, we are proud to have called Viva Energy Australia (Viva) a partner for six years. Our partnership is grounded in our shared Australian heritage and we work together to ensure Australians receive high-quality products. We take pride in the fact that our partner, Viva, is committed to helping Australian motorists, businesses and industries.  


Founded in 2014, Viva has quickly become a leading energy and oil company. Today, Viva makes, imports, blends and delivers products through extensive national and international supply chains. The products Viva offers are fuels, lubricants, solvents and bitumen. Viva is a proud Australian company. They own and operate the Geelong Refinery, one of the four existing refineries in Australia. The Geelong Refinery supplies over 10% of Australian fuel and more than 50% of all fuel used in the state of Victoria.  


Viva is also the authorised reseller of Shell oil and lubricants in Australia. Currently, Shell is investing more than USD $1.3 billion annually in research and development. As a recipient of some of these investments, Viva is looking to further propel innovations and product advancements that will aid Australian businesses and consumers. 


In less than a decade, Viva has already started to establish its reputation as one of Australia’s most respected energy companies. Our customers love Viva’s products and frequently rely upon them. You can purchase Viva products from our online stores, warehouses or Australian branches. If you are unable to locate the Viva product you need, BSC Australia can access the product from our network of warehouses, interstate branches and overseas suppliers. 


Our stocked and available Viva products include: 

    • Omala  
    • Ondina  
    • Rimula 
    • Spirax  
    • Tellus 
    • Tonna 
    • Turbo T. 


BSC Australia and Viva – make Australia thrive
Employing over 1000 people and generating millions of dollars for the local economy through wages and services, Viva and BSC are aligned in their mission to make Australia thrive. As companies with proud Australian heritages, we understand your business, operations, and processes. 


BSC Australia and Viva work as a unified team. We both have a ‘can-do’ attitude and are committed to providing real-world solutions for our customers. Viva is also committed to safety, sustainability and customer satisfaction. These are all values that we, at BSC Australia, are extremely proud to support. 


BSC Australia and Viva – serving you in the real world
BSC Australia and Viva representatives are addressing real-world problems for Australian customers every day. Our technical expertise and passion for solutions are top of the line and we have an extremely high rate of customer retention. Our customers love dealing with us and buying Viva products from us. 


Contact us for all your Viva product needs. We are ready and able to fulfil all request for Viva-branded products. 

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