Linear Motion Bearings

Linear motion bearings are designed to move in only one direction. A liner motion bearing can come in a variety of different types. While some bearings have motorised linear slides, others might feature non-motorised slides. Roller tables, X-Y tables and machine slides are some examples of motorised slides. Dovetail slides can be either motorised or non-motorised, while roller and ball bearing slides are the non-motorised variety. The latter type is powered either manually or through inertia for low-friction linear movement. Regardless of their type, linear slides make linear motion possible. BSC is a nationwide distributor of linear motion bearings. We partner with leading brands from around the world to bring you the best linear motion bearings. Some of our global bearing partners include INA, THK, SNR Bosch Rexroth, Nippon Bearing, PMI, SBC, HIWIN, France Lineaire Industrie, Samick and WON. If you are looking for linear motion ball bushings and shafts, linear rail and bearing blocks, ball screws or linear actuators, you can trust to find them at the BSC branches.

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