Supplier Profile
Name: TECO Australia  
Head office location: 335-337 Woodpark Road, Smithfield, NSW 


BSC Australia and TECO Australia have formed a strong working relationship over the years. Their formidable partnership has benefitted countless Australians who come to BSC for electrical motors at a competitive price point.  


TECO has over 60 years of experience in the motor industry. During this time, they have established themselves as a market-leading electrical motor suppliers worldwide. TECO is at the forefront of technological innovation. Their motors power ships, mines, quarries, plants and refineries across Australia. TECO’s high-quality products also help to power Australia’s telecommunications, wind turbines, electric vehicles and home appliances. 


BSC is proud to be the national distributor for TECO products. We have an enduring and reliable partnership with TECO. We stock an extensive range of TECO products across our Australian warehouses, as well as at our convenient local BSC branches. Currently, our product range includes: 

    • max E3 mining specification, efficiency 3, IP66, 3 phase 
    • max E3 severe duty, efficiency 3, IP66, 3 phase 
    • maxalloy, IP55, 3 phase  
    • Te3, efficiency 3, IP55, 3 phase 
    • TECO 240V, IP55, single phase 


TECO motors are also available in high efficiency (eff3) and either IP55 or IP66 protection.  


TECO – engineered to perform 
BSC Australia is confident that TECO is the best choice for all your motor needs. For over 30 years, TECO has been Australia’s market leader in industrial motors and has an impressive track record of award-winning reliability. TECO motors have powered Australia’s home appliances, whether they be air conditioners, refrigerators or washing machines. TECO’s impact is not just limited to Australia. For over 35 years, they have been a globally recognised brand in the mining sector across Australia, Canada, America and Africa. TECO’s motors are sturdy and reliable and can power mines in the harshest of environments, including the Pilbara and Kalgoorlie. In the mining sector, TECO’s product line is suitable for a variety of operations, ranging from SAG and ball mills to conveyors, crushers and grinders. 


BSC and TECO – powering Australia  
BSC is proud to provide our mining industry with TECO’s reliable, robust and highly efficient electric motors. These reliable motors endure the most arduous tasks and perform under the harshest environments, which is why BSC has chosen to partner with TECOTECO’s tested design and production processes ensure that their products consider insulation, temperature, bearing and lubricant selection, and ingress protection. For example, one high quality TECO product that we are proud to offer our mining sector is the TECO MaxE3. This high-efficiency motor is manufactured and stringently tested in accordance with AS1359/AS60034 standard. It uses high grade, low-loss insulated and cold-rolled magnetic silicon-steel laminations for maximum efficiency.  


BSC and TECO – shared values and purpose  
BSC Australia is proud to partner with a community-focused company like TECO.  Both BSC and TECO are committed to sustainable practices. One way TECO is moving towards eco-friendly practices is their plan to reduce 20% of their emissions by the end of the decade. 


As part of our shared commitment to customer care, BSC and TECO work together to provide extensive technical and engineering support. Our company provides troubleshooting and servicing to ensure that your TECO product works at its best. Through BSC’s enduring partnership with TECO, we know that you will benefit from the strength of a global brand that excels in providing market-leading motors.  


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