At its core, BSC Group Engineering is dedicated to improving component performance and increasing plant up-time. And that means a better outcome for our customers.

Roger Jowett, CEO

At BSC, we’re dedicated to keeping life rolling for twenty-five million Australians.


Our access to the Inenco Group of companies brings together world-leading quality engineered products and services. Built on an industry-proven reputation for high quality products and specialist engineering services, BSC Group Engineering is extending the range and scope of specialist engineering services the company provides to meet the maintenance and management requirements of increasingly complex production equipment. 


Our team of specialist engineers are committed to maintaining, improving and extending the service life of operational equipment, and ultimately increasing up-time for our customers. 


Our engineering specialists have extensive practical experience across the industrial environment, working together to find and deliver outcomes required by our customers to meet plant reliability and performance goals. Our Group Engineering team provide specialist technical advice and installation, and an after-hours service, Australia-wide.