Supplier Profile  

Name:Gates Corporation (Australia) 

Head office location: Dandenong South, Victoria, Australia   

Revenue: US $3.5 billion  

Employees: 14,000  

Gates Corporation and BSC have been in partnership for over 35 years. Both businesses are committed to providing customers with superior solutions every day of the year. 


Gates are passionate about consistently innovating and engineering unrivalled power transmission and fluid power solutions that keep Australia’s machines moving. Gates has a large international employee base with over 14,000 people located in over 100 different areas around the world. BSC trusts Gates products to provide reliable and safe power transmission solutions. From the smallest belt in a kitchen blender to the largest conveyor belt on an industrial production line, Gates is there. Gates belts, hoses and other products are performing in every aspect of modern life. Gates products are game-changing and exceed industry standards and customers’ expectations. BSC recommends Gates products to solve customers problems, every day of the year. 


Gates are a popular brand for Australian customers, which is why BSC consistently ensure stock is readily available all year round. We at BSC stock Gates, as we recognise the need for dependable and safe power transmission products, that are efficient in solving customers problems dailyIf stock is unavailable BSC have the capabilities to locate it from other branches or internationally. BSC is proud to distribute premium and high-quality Gates products to Australian businesses instore and online. 


Gates Corporation products stocked at BSC include:  

  • belts 
    • agricultural belts 
    • auto-V and micro-V belts  
    • auto timing belt  
    • food conveyor belts 
    • industrial belts 
    • cooling and heating 
    • fuel 
    • general 
    • hydraulic 
    • industrial  
    • oil field 
    • radiator 
    • rubber 
    • wire braid and wire spiral 
  • tensioner and idler pulleys 
  • thermostats  
  • water pumps 


Gates Corporation – driven by possibility  

Gates is a globally recognised manufacturer of power transmission products. Gates recognises the importance of investing in its people and products and continues to innovate the power transmission industry. Their rich history and expert understandings have ensured that Gates continue to support Australian businesses to become more efficient, productive, and successful 


Their precision-edge and unrivalled products have meant that they remain one of the best power transmission companies in the world. Gates business’s core values represent accountability, collaboration, tenacity, curiosity, and dedication. We at BSC are proud to support a business with such strong ethics.    


BSC and Gates Corporation – powering Australia  

BSC and Gates Corporation have a united desire to push the boundaries of the power transmission industry to advance the materials science space and move the world forward. Both businesses are result-driven and solutions-focused, ensuring that customers are always supported.  


BSC and Gates are united in their passion and commitment to helping customersTheir unparalleled desire to innovate the power transmission industry inspires us to continually improve our services. BSC consistently recommend Gates reliable and safe products as we recognise their ability to solve even the hardest of customer’s problems.  


BSC and Gates Corporation – a united team  

Owing to BSC and Gates extensive history in the power transmission industry, they are experts in understanding your business’s problems and the best solutions for them. Unrivalled in their technical expert knowledge, Gates and BSC are available to help your business perform at its best.   


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