Supplier Profile  

Name: Rexnord Australia 

Head office location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States  

Revenue: USD $2 billion 

Employees: 6,800  


Rexnord Australia and BSC Australia are proud to have had a strong collaborative relationship for over 60 years. We look forward to sharing more business achievements with Rexnord as we continue to work with them.  


Rexnord Australia is an internationally recognised business that manufactures reliable and safe power transmission equipment. With annual revenue of USD $2 billion and a global reputation, Rexnord is a business that guarantees premium-quality products.  


Rexnord specialises in a range of power transmission equipment, including gear drives, bearings, couplings, industrial chains, brakes and a wide range of conveyor components. As leaders in power transmission, Rexnord Australia is trusted by an extensive variety of industries, including transportation, mining, energy, and food and beverage. Regardless of what industry you are in, Rexnord has the right products for your business. With innovation and customer service at its core, Rexnord Australia prides itself on providing customers with high-quality products to solve their problems.   


BSC Australia has worked with countless suppliers over the years, and we know quality when we see it. With Rexnord Australia, we are confident that our customers will receive high-quality and reliable equipment. BSC Australia has partnered with Rexnord to ensure that we stock adequate levels of Rexnord products in our local warehouses and branches. You can rely upon BSC Australia to help you find the perfect Rexnord Australia products to solve your problems.   


Our stocked and available Rexnord Australia products include:  


Rexnord Australia keeps industry moving  
Rexnord Australia’s impact goes beyond Australia as they strive to innovate the power transmission industry on a global scale. With over a century of expert knowledge and experience, Rexnord understands that there are no substitutes for quality and precision. Rexnord focuses on smart solutions to customer problems using reliable, efficient and high-precision products, making them a brand that BSC Australia highly recommends.  


Rexnord Australia cares about the wellbeing of its customers by constantly working to improve product efficiency and safety. The company is supported by thousands of skilled and passionate employees around the world who are committed to customer satisfaction. 


BSC Australia and Rexnord Australia – a team you can trust  
BSC Australia and Rexnord Australia share similar missions and values, making them an unstoppable team. Both businesses are committed to safety, reliability and integrity.  


BSC Australia and Rexnord Australia are united in their passion for distributing high-quality and performance-driven products to customers. We understand the need to solve problems within your business quickly and efficiently and pride ourselves on delivering intelligent solutions.   


BSC Australia and Rexnord Australia – supporting you every day  
BSC Australia and Rexnord Australia are experts in helping solve customers’ problems every day. Both businesses are customer-driven and passionate about helping you maintain your safety and productivity. Our customers love purchasing Rexnord Australia products from us.   


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