BSC Australia and CRC Industries have thoroughly enjoyed a prosperous working relationship over the past 28 years. Our relationship continues to thrive because we support the development of each other’s businesses while prioritising customer needs.  


CRC Industries are an internationally recognised supplier of quality aerosol and bulk lubricants, anti-corrosion and maintenance products. CRC Industries ensure consistent quality through their onsite manufacturing, overseeing the entire production process. They provide specialty products and formulations for MRO, installer professionals, and do-it-yourself (DIY) consumers.  


Their ongoing mission to maximise customer satisfaction through innovative products and excellent service has earned them ISO9001:2015 certification. CRC are also committed to ensuring cost-effective operations through improving productivity, reducing waste, and maintaining a workplace free from recognised hazards. CRC are always looking to expand team development programs to guarantee their employees are equipped with the most up-to-date training. The aim in continuing team development programs is to ensure their employees deliver top service to their customers. BSC customers can rest assured they will receive nothing short of excellence when dealing with CRC 


Founded in 1958, CRC began as corrosion reaction consults. Their first product was CRC Corrosion Inhibitor, a multi-purpose lubricant. They now manufacture over 1,300 items, developing formulas for a range of markets, including: 


  • automatic 
  • aviation 
  • electrical 
  • industrial 
  • hardware 
  • marine. 


The CRC products BSC currently stock include:  


CRC Industries keeps you moving  

A leader in product performance and regulatory compliance, CRC pride themselves on exceeding safety expectations. CRC’s adherence to strict product testing and lot sampling reflects their commitment to delivering consistent quality to their global customer base. BSC proudly supports CRC’s dedication to maintaining customer satisfaction with high-quality products.  


CRC’s exceptional business profile can be seen in the numerous trademarked brands they have successfully put to market, including: 

  • Action Can 
  • Ados 
  • Aid 
  • CRC 
  • KF 
  • Kitten 
  • Kontakt Chemie 
  • K&W 
  • Marykate 
  • SmartWasher 
  • Sta-Lube  
  • Weld-Ambersil


BSC Australia and CRC Industries – a well-oiled machine 
BSC Australia and CRC Industries align in the commitment to delivering products that are reliable, efficient, and of high-quality. We are thrilled to be continuing our partnership with CRC because we know they are dedicated to maintaining transparency in their communication with customers, suppliers, and employees. Together, we enact a vision of providing customer-focused solutions that surpass customer expectations.  


BSC Australia and CRC Industries – supporting you and your business 
Our objective to support your business’s efficiency makes BSC Australia and CRC Industries a formidable team. Our customers are aware of our commitment to excellence and know they can rely on us for effective solutions and quality customer care.   


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