Supplier Profile  

Name: Schaeffler  

Head office location: Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany  

Revenue: USD $17 billion 

Employees: 87,748 


BSC and Schaeffler’s commitment to providing high-quality, performance-driven products have grounded their relationship since the 1960s. 


Schaeffler is a globally recognised and trusted company that manufactures high-performing components and systems for drive train and chassis applications, as well as rolling and plain bearing solutions for many industrial applications. Established in 1950, Schaeffler has an annual revenue of USD $17 billion and a global employee base of over 87,000. Schaeffler is committed to continuously expanding the power transmission industry and are recognised for their intelligent and unrivalled technologies. Today, Schaeffler understand the need for more sustainable practices and are committed to innovating the environmental industry. BSC trust Schaeffler to provide their customers with the best power transmission products to solve their problems.  


BSC is proud to distribute the precision-edge products manufactured by Schaeffler. We stock a wide range of Schaeffler products within our branches and online store. If stock is unavailable we have the unique capability to locate stock from interstate branches and internationally, delivering products to our customers quickly. You can trust BSC to help you and your business find the best Schaeffler products you need.   


Our stocked and available Schaeffler products include:  


Schaeffler – pioneers in motion  
Since 1950, Schaeffler has continued to innovate and expand development in motion and mobility. With over 70 years of experience, Schaeffler is experts in manufacturing reliable, sustainable and performance-driven products that BSC customers can rely on. Known for their high-quality and cost-effective solutions, Schaeffler products are perfect for solving BSC customer’s problems.  


Schaeffler’s vision and mission to achieve zero defects through their rigorous product testing, exceeding expectations, and strict alignment to statutory and official regulations, showcases their commitment to the creation of powerful, safe and robust products. BSC customers can trust that they are safe using Schaeffler’s high-performing and tough products. 


BSC aligns with Schaeffler’s values of quality, outstanding technology, innovative capabilities, integrity and performance.  


BSC and Schaeffler – a leading team  
Both BSC and Schaeffler are aligned in their mission to provide safe and reliable products that continuously exceed expectations. Both companies’ goals are to distribute high-precision and performance driven products that maintain the productivity of Australian businesses, every day of the year.    


BSC and Schaeffler are committed to solving even the most difficult of customers’ problems daily. We are passionate about supporting you and your business to achieve optimal efficiency, through practical and cost-effective solutions.   


BSC and Schaeffler – keeping you moving   

You can rely upon BSC and Schaeffler’s expert team to provide you with innovative solutions to keep your business moving. Our team is unrivalled in their ability to understand your problems and to provide you with perfect solutions. Our customers love purchasing Schaeffler products and enjoy the technical expertise that BSC provides them with.  


Contact us for all your Schaeffler product needs. We are ready and able to fulfil all requests for Schaeffler-branded products. 

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