Supplier Profile   

Name: 3M  

Head office location: St Paul, Minnesota, United States of America 

Revenue: USD $32 billion   

Employees: 90,000+ 


BSC Australia maintains a strong and reliable partnership with 3M. We are proud to support their ability to combine science with innovation and their mission to deliver great value to customers.  


3M is a global industrial manufacturer that provides scientific solution products across multiple industries. These industries include automotive, construction, electronics, healthcare, manufacturing and transportation. 3M are recognised as reliable and high-quality manufacturers, that provide unrivalled results for their customers. With an international employee base of over 90,000 people, you can trust 3M to provide you with premium scientific solutions.  


3M offers a wide variety of products, including personal protective equipment, dental products, electrical solutions and personal healthcare. 3M are renowned for their ability to manufacture and distribute specialist products for niche markets. They surprise their customers with new products that can solve problems they did not know could be fixed. BSC is incredibly proud to be working with a company that continues to expand what is possible, every day of the year.  


The 3M products that BSC currently stock include: 

    • brushes, buffs and non-woven products 
    • cutting and grinding discs 
    • sheets, rolls and purpose made belts 
    • flexible sealants and adhesives 
    • repair adhesives, fillers and patches 
    • structural adhesives 
    • anti-slip and grip tapes 
    • barricade and warning 
    • cloth and duct 
    • electrical 
  • filtration 
    • media filtration components 
    • water filtration filter cartridges 


3M virtually touches every part of your life
3M is a multi-national conglomerate that produces over 60,000 products under several brands. Established in 1902, 3M have over a century of knowledge and continuously impact people’s lives globally. Everyday 3M enhances the scientific industry and expand what experts’ thought was possible. Their mission is to use their knowledge in science and innovation to make the impossible, possible.  


BSC Australia and 3M – a unified team
3M and BSC Australia are aligned in the values they uphold. We are both customer-focused, have a passion for delivering innovative products and have an extremely high degree of integrity.  


BSC Australia and 3M are unified in their vision to provide solutions to customers in the real world. We recognise that businesses need reliable and effective solutions, and we pride ourselves on our ability to solve them.  


BSC Australia and 3M – serving you in the real world
BSC Australia and 3M representatives are addressing real-world problems for Australian customers every day of the year. 3M’s expert knowledge and cutting-edge scientific research have meant that customers continue to purchase 3M products from us. Our customers rely upon us to find the right solution for them and trust 3M products to help solve their problems.  


Contact us for all your 3M product needs. We are excited to fulfil all requests for 3M-branded products. 

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