Welding, Brazing and Soldering Products

Welding, brazing and soldering are all methods of joining two or more metal pieces together, in addition to some select other products. In some applications, welding, brazing and soldering are also used to fill gaps between metal parts. While all performing similar functions, there are distinctive differences between the three processes. Welding is only used for joining two metals (or thermoplastic) of similar material. For example, copper cannot be welded to steel. Welding uses high temperatures to melt and join two metal parts together. If necessary, a filler metal might be used to enable joining dissimilar metals. When done properly, the finished welded joint is as strong as the surrounding metal, if not stronger. But if the process is not carried out properly by the welder, the metal’s properties may change and the weld becomes weak. Different types of welding techniques include metal inert gas (MIG), arc, electron beam, laser, and stir friction. Brazing is another joining process wherein two metals are joined by heating and melting a filler that bonds to the two pieces together. The filler should have a melting temperature below that of the metal pieces. Brazing can be used to join dissimilar metals such as silver, copper, aluminum, gold, and nickel. Brazing might make used of flux – a liquid that promotes wetting and lets the filler flow over the metal parts to be joined. Fluxes are also used in welding to clean the metal surfaces. Brazed joints are not as strong as welded joints, but the joint itself can be stronger than the pieces being joined. BSC is Australia’s largest distributor of welding, brazing and soldering products. We stock world-leading products from brands such as WIA, UNIMIG, ESAB, BOSS, Weldclass, Xcel-Arc, Hot Devil and Lincoln. Our product range includes welding machines, welding tools and protective gear, welding wires and rods, ancillary products and spares. Get in touch with any of our branches or contact us for queries about welding, brazing and soldering products.

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