BSC helps Hawkes Vegetables scrub up nicely

BSC helps Hawkes Vegetables scrub up nicely

Richard Hawkes began growing potatoes in the early 2000’s, originally trialling some on a small patch of the family farmland. Now, potatoes make up their largest line.

“This is followed by Dutch carrots, and we also grow spring onions, radishes, kale and parsley,” explains his wife, Georgie. “Actually, we recently had a contract for washing a large quantity of carrots, so we upgraded our equipment.”

The upgrade involved the purchase of new washer machines from overseas. Although state-of-the-art, when the team at Hawkes assembled the machines at their facility, the bearings did not appear to fit correctly.

“It wasn’t quite right, so Richard contacted BSC – which is our go-to service provider – urgently about the parts needed,” expands Georgie. “I don’t know the full details of the exchange, but I understand that the guys from BSC went above and beyond to help us out.”

Leon Stefanec – BSC’s National Business Development Manager for Food and Beverage – was the one who took Richard’s call.

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