Supplier Profile  

Name: Dixon Asia Pacific  

Head office location: Chestertown, Maryland, United States  

Revenue: USD $23 million 

Employees:  78 


Dixon Asia Pacific and BSC Australia share a passion for distributing quality and reliable products, making them the perfect collaborators. Together, Dixon Asia Pacific and BSC Australia have provided excellent products and services across Australia, as well as on a global scale. BSC is proud to have an extensive working history with Dixon Asia Pacific and look forward to future accomplishments together.  


Dixon Asia Pacific is a globally recognised manufacturer of leak-free products, with over a century of knowledge. Founded in 1916, Dixon Asia Pacific has since expanded, employing people globally. Dixon Asia Pacific manufactures hose and coupling solutions and are leaders in providing premium fluid transfer solutions, operating in a wide variety of markets. The qualified team at Dixon Asia Pacific is committed to solving customer problems, through utilising their application-based knowledge and innovative technologies, making them a brand that BSC Australia is proud to distribute.  


You won’t have to travel far to access Dixon Asia Pacific’s vast range of products. BSC Australia stocks an extensive supply of Dixon Asia Pacific products throughout warehouses in Australia and across 32 local BSC branches. When stock is unavailable locally, BSC Australia can source it from other locations, ensuring that their customers can always trust that they can find the perfect product for their needs. You can rely upon BSC Australia to provide you with expert knowledge on what Dixon Asia Pacific products you and your business need.  


Dixon Asia Pacific products that are stocked and available at BSC Australia include: 

    • chemical hoses 
    • delivery and suction hoses 
    • food and beverage hoses 
    • material handling hoses 
    • rubber and PVC hoses 
    • butterfly valves 
    • check valves 
    • gate and globe valves 
    • relief and pressure reducing valves. 


Dixon Asia Pacific keeps you productive
With over a century of experience as trusted manufacturers, Dixon Asia Pacific is the leading innovator in the hose coupling industry. Dixon Asia Pacific is committed to innovation and strives to continually advance their products and production methods for the modern world. Through their dedication to advancement, Dixon Asia Pacific ensures that their customers are provided with reliable, high-quality tools and equipment that allows them to stay ahead in an ever-changing industry.  


Dixon Asia Pacific is motivated by a mission to maintain the high performance of their customers, and to generate greater profit and efficiency. Dixon Asia Pacific’s vision is to be the global leader in their industry by achieving ambitious goals and providing quality products that are delivered rapidly and with superior customer service.  


BSC Australia is proud to share Dixon Asia Pacific’s values of honesty and integrity, respect, responsibility and trustworthiness. Both BSC Australia and Dixon Asia Pacific incorporate these core values into practice when they provide their customers with the highest quality products and services.  


BSC Australia and Dixon Asia Pacific – a strong team 
BSC Australia and Dixon Asia Pacific share a mission to provide customers with reliable and premium products. This is actively reflected in their practices, as both companies are customer-focused and passion-led organisations that value integrity and performance.  


BSC Australia and Dixon Asia Pacific work in tandem to ensure that customers are provided with reliable solutions to their everyday problems and unique situations. We understand and recognise that every aspect of a business must be performing efficiently, from hoses to large-scale factory machinery. 


BSC Australia and Dixon Asia Pacific – supporting you in every task 
The skilled team at BSC Australia and Dixon Asia Pacific’s have extensive knowledge in hose and coupling products, providing you with reliable solutions for all your needs. Our technical expertise and superior customer service mean that our customers love to purchase Dixon Asia Pacific products from us and enjoy BSC Australia’s commitment to solving their problems.  


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