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NameFenner Power Transmission  
Head office location: Kingswinford, West Midlands, United Kingdom  


For over a decade, BSC Australia and Fenner have had an enduring and robust partnership. Together, we work to provide our customers with high-quality products within the power transmission industry. 


Today, Fenner is a global supplier of power transmission products. They are renowned for their quality, reliability and value. Fenner maintains an extensive range of products stocked at BSC Australia.  


Fenner built their reputation on providing high-quality engineering practices and they continue to innovate the power transmission industry as they further develop their product range. Fenner prides themselves on their progressive mindset and complementary range of products, which is why BSC trusts them to provide high-performing power transmission products to their customers.  


Fenner is a brand that our BSC customers know and love. Here, at BSC, we’re always sure to have reliable and efficient access to Fenner products. BSC Australia customers can always rely upon us to source any products that may be unavailable at their local branch, from interstate locations or overseas.  


BSC Australia has full confidence in Fenner’s commitment to producing safe and performance-driven products. Currently, our stocked and available Fenner products include: 

  • belts 
    • raw edge classic vee belts 
    • raw edge wedge vee belts  
    • wrapped classic vee belts 
    • wrapped wedge vee belts 
  • chains 
    • American standard roller chains 
    • attachment chain 
    • British standard roller chains  
    • double pitch chain 
    • hollow pin chain  
    • leaf chain 
    • nickel plate chain 
    • o-ring chain 
    • stainless steel chain 
    • steel agricultural chains 
  • couplings 
    • Fenaflex couplings  
    • HRC couplings 
    • jaw couplings.

Fenner keeps you performing  
Fenner has an extensive history of producing premium-quality and robust products. They are renowned for their commitment to engineering innovations. This is why BSC Australia wholeheartedly recommends Fenner’s products. These products are high-performing, reliable and safe, so BSC customers can be assured that they are purchasing equipment they can trust.  


Fenner’s mission to produce quality products that maintain performance in tough conditions aligns with BSC Australia’s values of reliability and safety. Fenner’s high production standards are reflected through their rigorous testing procedures. All Fenner products undergo material testing, process control, noise studies, vibration analysis and safety performance checks.  


BSC Australia and Fenner  reliable solutions  
BSC Australia and Fenner uphold the same values. We are both committed to providing high-quality power transmission products. Our products are always reliable and high-performing. Like BSC Australia, the Fenner team always has customer satisfaction at the forefront of their minds.   


BSC Australia and Fenner are a natural team. We work together to provide solutions for customers that are cost-effective and reliable. We’re also committed to supplying you with all the tools required to help you achieve your goals and maintain productivity.  


BSC Australia and Fenner – supporting you and your performance  
BSC Australia and Fenner seek to increase their customers’ performance every day. Our expert knowledge and desire to innovate are why customers continue to come back and purchase our premium products. We understand your needs and budget, and customers love Fenner’s ability to provide superior results. 


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