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Name: Marlin Industrial Products  
Head office location18 Worth St, Chullora NSW 2190  


BSC and Marlin are aligned in their passion to create safer work environments and protect customers. BSC are proud of our partnership with Marlin and support their efforts to continue to expand the power transmission industry.

Marlin offers robust and reliable solutions for material handling in a diverse range of industries. Today, Marlin offers an extensive range of industrial consumables, including materials handling equipment and cleaning chemicals. Over the years, Marlin products’ reach has only continued to expand. Marlin is renowned for their high-quality and premium products that are rooted in keeping Australian businesses safe and operating at optimal efficiency. BSC is proud to support and distribute Marlin products to their customers. 


BSC stocks a wide variety of Marlin products at local branches and online store. BSC recognises the importance of Marlin products in keeping Australians safe and work hard to always have stock available. If products are unavailable, we have the advanced capabilities to locate stock from other branches or internationally ensuring that everyone can access what they need. Our qualified staff can help you find the perfect Marlin product for your every need.  


Marlin products that are stocked and available at BSC include:  

  • crane buffers 


Marlin – keeping your work safe
Marlin ensures customers safety by incorporating a stringent testing process to meet Australian health and safety standards. This guarantees that all Marlin products adhere to Australian guidelines and our customers can rely on them to keep them safe. Marlin offers advanced cleaning products which are fast-acting and chemically engineered to remove haphazard contaminants. Marlin further provides expert material handling equipment that prevent workplace injuries and other occupational health and safety accidents. BSC customers can trust Marlin to protect them and their machinery.  


BSC and Martin – supporting Australians
BSC and Marlin support Australian business practices and safety standards by continuing to innovate the power transmission industry. The team at Marlin are focused on maintaining workers safety and maintaining the machinery at optimal working order. By partnering with Marlin, BSC can offer our technical experience and expertise in this industry and create tailor-made products. Marlin also has full autonomy over their product sourcing and supply chains, allowing them to control every manufacturing process. This allows for complete traceability, right from the earliest manufacturing stage and through to the end-user.  


BSC and Martin – proud partners 
BSC and Marlin are leaders in providing safe and reliable equipment for a range of power transmission industries and engineering supplies. Marlin provides expert advice and performance driven solutions for all BSC customers problems. We are confident that you will love both the excellent quality and price competitiveness of Marlin’s products.  


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