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Supplier Profile  

Name: Seal Innovations Pty Ltd 

Head office location: Sydney, Australia  

Employees: 103  


Here, at BSC Australia, we are proud to have called Seal Innovations a partner for 67 years. Our enduring partnership is grounded in our shared commitment to providing  

Australian customers with high-precision products.  


Seal Innovations is the largest distributor of sealing products in the Australian market. They manufacture rotary sealsmechanical seals and hydraulic seals, as well as gaskets and gland packing. Our customers love and trust Seal products because they’re reliable and high-quality. All their products are high-performing and use precision-edge sealing technologies. Seal also employs rigorous product testing and quality assurance, which ensures that our customers are satisfied with every purchase.  


BSC Australia understands the importance of using reliable and safe sealing products to maintain your business’s productivity. This is why we stock a wide range of Seal Innovations products. You can find Seal Innovations products on our web store, in our warehouses and at our Australian branches. If you are unable to locate the Seal product you need, BSC Australia can access the product from our network of warehouses, interstate branches and overseas suppliers. You can trust BSC Australia to provide you with the correct Seal product for you and your business’s needs.   


Our stocked and available Seal Innovation products include:  

  • gaskets 
    • bonded (seals and washers) 
    • compressed fibre gasket 
    • felt 
    • Flexitallic 
    • isolation gasket kits 
    • Kammprofile gasket 
    • metal reinforced gasket 
    • ring joint 
    • Thermiculite 
    • double-acting seal 
    • glide bushes 
    • piston seal 
    • rod seal 
    • single-acting seal 
    • vee pack 
    • wiper seal 
  • miscellaneous 
    • handy pack 
    • precision balls 
    • tools and gauges 
  • o-rings  
    • back up ring 
    • o-ring gauge 
    • o-ring kit 
    • o-ring tester 
    • o-ring tools 
    • OE caterpillar o-ring kits 
    • quad ring 
  • pump repairs 
    • agriculture and construction seals 
    • automotive seals (hub seals, truck seals, wheel-end seals) 
    • bearing isolator (metal and machined) 
    • mechanical face seals (duo cone seals) 
    • mechanical seals 
    • radial oil seals (metal-cased seals, TC seals, cassette seals) 
    • shaft repair sleeve 
    • v-seals (gamma and axial face seals) 
  • rubber products 
    • extrusions 
    • ring sets 
  • thermal protection sealing 
    • expansion joint 
    • Insulation 
    • valve covers. 


Seal Innovations keeps the world together  
At BSC Australia, we take pride in the fact that we work with high-quality suppliers. Seal Innovations has over 80 years of experience in sealing solutions, and they continue to progress and advance their products. Their experienced team has advanced market knowledge and manufacturing capabilities, enabling them to produce superior sealing products.  


The team at Seal Innovations always keep their customers’ needs at the heart of everything they do. Like BSC Australia, Seal is passionate about providing its customers with real-world solutions. Seal prioritises innovation, ensuring that customers enjoy the cutting-edge and high-quality nature of their products.  


BSC Australia and Seal Innovations – united together 
Seal Innovations‘ mission of supporting business efficiency and productivity is shared by BSC Australia. Our partnership is strong and enduring because we share the same values. Together, BSC Australia and Seal Innovation value honesty, respect, reliability, performance and innovation. Here, at BSC, we’re proud to support a company that believes in the importance of integrity. 


BSC Australia and Seal Innovations – the seal of approval  
BSC Australia and Seal Innovations understand the importance of maintaining productivity and performance. We also pride ourselves on our expert advice and ‘can-do’ attitude. Together, BSC Australia and Seal Innovations work as a team to ensure our customers’ needs are met, and their problems are solved.  


Our customers love dealing with us and they love purchasing Seal Innovations products from us. Contact us for all your Seal Innovations product needs.  

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