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Based in the small town of Bundaberg in Queensland, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks has been making some of Australia’s most popular non-alcoholic beverages since the 1960s. Over the past few years, BSC’s Bundaberg branch has been working with the beverage company as a trusted distributor of industrial...

The Australian beverage industry has undergone significant shifts in the past decade. In an industry once dominated by full strength beer and sugar-sweetened soft drinks, the beverage industry is now catering to a wide range of consumer tastes and palates. Whether that be niche alcoholic beverages or the latest health drink, what has remained consistent in the Australian beverage industry is the need to package these liquids in an efficient and safe manner.

When a critical appliance fails in a food processing plant, there are wide-reaching consequences. It’s not simply about the expense of repairing or replacing the equipment, or even the lost productivity. Any food that was on the production line when the appliance was malfunctioning will be compromised, and if the integrity of a food product is compromised, the implications regarding food safety and health, can be grave.