Delivering lifting equipment to end users’ doorsteps

Delivering lifting equipment to end users’ doorsteps

From loading pallets onto a truck to securing the cargo with straps and chains, the agricultural sector relies heavily on quality lifting and material handling solutions across the supply chain. Motion Asia Pacific, through its in-house brand Marlin Industrial Products, offers reliable solutions for material handling across a wide array of industries.


Mark Brocherie, Industrial Solutions Australia’s District Manager based in Toowoomba, Queensland, says the Marlin brand was born when they acquired an established industrial business almost a decade ago, taking full control of product sourcing and supply chain. Today, Marlin products are widely distributed across over 70 BSC, CBC and WebsterBSC branches – all key businesses under the umbrella of Motion Asia Pacific.

“Our businesses are best known as the market leaders for the supply of bearings and power transmission products, however as time has gone on, we have expanded our range into engineering supplies and consumable products, which provides customers with access to a one stop shop. The Marlin brand represents our lifting range of products, along with wheels, castors, and other material handling equipment,” says Mark.

“When you are dealing with lifting products, you must not compromise on safety. Having full traceability from the manufacturing stage right through to the end user means we can guarantee that the Marlin products meet the required safety standards and adhere to all Australian guidelines,” he adds.

Over the years, as Mark explains, the Marlin products’ reach has grown even further through our strong network of distributors and resellers across Australia. This, in addition to the existing company footprint of over 70 branches Australia-wide, ensures product availability at the end users’ fingertips.

“We have had huge success with the Marlin products in the Darling Downs region, where our distribution network has grown exponentially over the last five years. Having such a wide acceptance within the re-seller network, not just here but all over the country, has enabled us to compete with big brands in this space.”

Part of the success of the Marlin brand, as Mark sees it, comes down to excellent quality, coupled with the price competitiveness of the products.

“As a direct importer from the factory, the products we offer to our resellers are very price-competitive and that in turn enables the end users to receive the products at reasonable prices. We also offer a complete merchandiser package to our resellers, which helps them take the full range to the market where they operate.

Of all the products in the Marlin lifting equipment, including the round and webbing slings, chains, winches, Bow and D shackles, Mark says, the ratchet tie downs and slings are among the most widely used in the agricultural sector.

“The Marlin heavy-duty industrial tie downs comply with the AS/NZS 4380:2001 standard for cargo restraint systems and are available for capacities between 750-4000 kilograms.

“Marlin’s round or flat lifting slings are made from synthetic fibres and can carry loads from 1000 to 10,000 kilograms and are colour-coded for easy identification. The flat (or webbing) slings are manufactured from woven polyester with an eye at each end. The round slings are manufactured from continuous loops of polyester yarn which is very strong and durable.”

With Motion Asia Pacific’s experience across a variety of industries – including mining, agriculture, food and beverage, and manufacturing – Mark says the team can help support the product via re-sellers through our in-house expertise.

“If you are interested in distributing the Marlin lifting range, you can simply contact your local CBC, BSC or WebsterBSC branch, and request a catalogue showcasing the entire range of Marlin products,” says Mark.

“Additionally, our product managers and qualified staff can assist in any enquiries regarding product selection for your customers or advise on any technical questions you may be having.”