From loading pallets onto a truck to securing the cargo with straps and chains, the agricultural sector relies heavily on quality lifting and material handling solutions across the supply chain. Motion Asia Pacific, through its in-house brand Marlin Industrial Products, offers reliable solutions for material...

Wastewater treatment plants carry out a vital function for urban and regional areas of Australia, removing contaminants from water and sewage before it is reused of discharged into the environment. Effective treatment relies on robust, sturdy equipment and machinery that can operate reliably in biochemically extreme conditions over long periods of time.

Cotton is an important crop that provides employment for more than 10,000 people in New South Wales and the lower climes of Queensland. It is a crop that can be temperamental when being processed, but is also a hardy product that is a staple of the textile and fashion industries. Latest figures show that 3.2 million bales were produced annually between 2014-17 in Australia. It is a multi-billion-dollar industry that relies on hard work, good rainfall, and reliable equipment.