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When the operators at Tassal Group’s Huonville salmon processing facility in Tasmania were frustrated with having to replace their conveyor belt roller bearings every few weeks, it was WebsterBSC’s Sales Service Representative, Dean Nomikos who first suggested switching to the NSK Molded-Oil bearings. The existing stainless...

The challenge for any water and wastewater operation is in keeping the equipment running efficiently in spite of the harsh conditions and contamination it is exposed to. Foul water contamination in particular will affect the life of essential components such as bearings in rotating machinery. This is why a triple-sealed bearing is often recommended for applications in the water treatment sector.

Australian farmers face a myriad of challenges – drought, severe weather conditions, fluctuating market prices – and having to deal with these in addition to the daily demands of the job. Which is why alleviating some of the challenges associated with running a farm, such as maintaining critical farm equipment, can make a significant difference.