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As the organisation responsible for managing the storage and timely shipment of Queensland’s raw sugar exports, Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) puts a lot of emphasis on safe and efficient operations.QSL’s Operations division provides operational services for Sugar Terminals Limited’s (STL’s) six bulk sugar terminals at...

As farmers and agricultural equipment repairers gear up for the spring harvest season, Steve Keown, BSC’s National Product Manager for Lubricants and Lubrication Equipment says keeping some tips in mind can help achieve better equipment and lubricant efficiencies.“Choosing the right type of lubricant is the...

For cane and broadacre farmers, maximising crop yield is a constant challenge. To confront this challenge, farmers can turn to a number of different solutions, such as soil testing, changing chemical treatments, and better utilising fertilisers. A commonly under-utilised method, however, is to treat harvesters with better-quality lubricants.

CRC Industries manufactures products to keep machinery and fleet equipment performing at its peak. While they are known as a maintenance and repair products supplier, with more than 50 years’ experience in the industry they have become an agile solutions provider. As such, they are able to cater to the diverse maintenance, repair and operations challenges faced by building material manufacturers.

One of the key challenges that the quarrying sector faces is environmental contamination of plant equipment. It’s the nature of the industry – dirt and dust get into all the components of rotating machinery, and this poses problems for the machine function, particularly when it affects the bearings.

Cotton is an important crop that provides employment for more than 10,000 people in New South Wales and the lower climes of Queensland. It is a crop that can be temperamental when being processed, but is also a hardy product that is a staple of the textile and fashion industries. Latest figures show that 3.2 million bales were produced annually between 2014-17 in Australia. It is a multi-billion-dollar industry that relies on hard work, good rainfall, and reliable equipment.

Australian farmers face a myriad of challenges – drought, severe weather conditions, fluctuating market prices – and having to deal with these in addition to the daily demands of the job. Which is why alleviating some of the challenges associated with running a farm, such as maintaining critical farm equipment, can make a significant difference.