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Safety was top of mind for a top Australian manufacturer of bakery products when they approached their long-term product suppliers at BSC seeking recommendation for a suitable chain lubricant. Nick Gunn, the BSC Account Manager at the time, recommended the ROCOL® FOODLUBE® Hi Temp Chain Lubricant...

Contamination in food and beverage manufacturing plants can be an issue when it comes to machinery like conveyors used in the processing line and the cost of non-compliance can be impactful. All it takes is incidental contamination with non-food grade oil and a whole line of product can be consigned to the rubbish bin and have an impact to your bottom line.

When a critical appliance fails in a food processing plant, there are wide-reaching consequences. It’s not simply about the expense of repairing or replacing the equipment, or even the lost productivity. Any food that was on the production line when the appliance was malfunctioning will be compromised, and if the integrity of a food product is compromised, the implications regarding food safety and health, can be grave.